We quantify the value of your IP

With business lawyers, patent advisors and business development professionals under one roof, we offer comprehensive consulting services so you can protect and strengthen your assets. We prefer to start with a business assessment of your IP. Then we can help you maximize the return on your investment.

IP Strategy


Mapping and strengthening your company’s value drivers


– In what way is your business innovative?

– What competitive advantages should you secure?

– How do you get the best return on your investment?


Our business strategists help you identify, protect and strengthen your strongest competitive advantages. For some, this may be a technical solution in the form of a patent; for others, it may be a network, brand-building or internal organization.

You can invest in the right assets.

We focus on strengthening your sales.

We develop strategies for increased profitability.

Some of our services:

- IP strategy and analysis

- technology-related market analysis

- value chain analysis

- implementation and processes

- planning and organization

Erik Oskarsson

Management consultant, Partner, M.Sc. Business Design

Patents, trademarks and standards


Proper registration saves you time and money.


– How will you secure your cash flow?

– When will revenues come in?

– When will you get the product on the market?


Registering patents and trademarks can be a powerful and effective tool for increasing profitability. Our consultants always provide clear recommendations to help you choose effective protection for your innovation.

Our processes are clear and transparent.

You get higher quality and higher value for your patents.

You get a clear idea of ​​time and cost.

Some of our services:

- preliminary studies

- patent application

- portfolio management


- registration

- contracts

- dispute resolution

Anna Theander

Senior associate, European Patent Attorney M.Sc.E.E.

Business law


Use contracts to protect important assets and relationships.


– How do you protect your collaborations?

– Who can reap the benefits of your innovation?

– How do you get a competitive edge?


Protecting strategically valuable collaborations can give you control over your assets and secure your place in the market. Our business lawyers help you drive your business forward with consulting and contracts that add value to your business, whether in the form of collaborations, distribution or subcontractors.

We have broad legal competence.

We offer a proactive partnership.

You get multidisciplinary expertise.

Some of our services:

- purchase and sales agreements

- consulting contracts

- license agreements

- media agreements

- cooperation agreements

- employment contracts

- confidentiality agreements

- GDPR contracts

Susanne Mellqvist

Legal Counsel, LL.M., DHM, Partner